Namaste Yogi’s! I am excited to announce that I’ll be in Curacao in June/July to teach some classes & workshops.


About this workshop

“Yoga workshop (technique): Breath & Movement, including a Sun Salutation breakdown & ending with an energizing Vinyasa class! This class is for everyone who wants to connect back to the basics of mindful movement.”

This workshop is for everyone who wishes to experience the basic techniques of Vinyasa Yoga. Beginners to advanced students are welcome, since we are actively going to break-down some important elements. Together we will go through some breath-work (Ujjayi), find & use our bandha’s, and go through every breath/movement of the Sun Salutations. I will be hands-on, so you can experience the proper feeling of the postures.

After a short break we will continue with a Vinyasa class incorporating everything we did and do some standing/seated/closing sequence poses. The class will end in Savasana for the Yoga of the sleep; Yoga Nidra. Using our consciousness this session will not only make you feel refreshed and ready for the day, but it also eliminates toxins from the deep conscious mind.



– Breathing
– Bandha’s
– Sun Salutations breakdown

11:30-11:40 – Break

– Ashtanga-based Vinyasa yoga
– Yoga Nidra
Saturday, 28 June 2014


Fls. 50,- (if you are also joining the beginner’s class or intermediate class on Tuesday 24 June, it’s  a total of  Fls. 65,-)

Serenity Wellness Center
Tamanacostraat 52

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Limited places available. Sign up by mailing at


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